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  • Are You Mad?

    Here is what they do to instantly getting out of the emotion : Listening to music – Marudut, 26, IT Auditor Cleaning the room – Purri, 23, Copywriter Sport – Angel, 24, Marketing Admin Singing out loud – Putra, 25, Financial System Developer Sleeping / Reading / Sport – Astrid, 19, Musician Take a deep… Continue reading Are You Mad?

  • Endorphin, Anyone?

    en·dor·phin (n) any of a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. They are peptides that activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect. Endorphin, a word that combines endogenous, meaning “naturally occurring within the body,” and morphine. That feeling when you eat chocolate… Continue reading Endorphin, Anyone?

  • The Five Senses

    SIGHT. HEARING. SMELL. TASTE. TOUCH. Which one is the most important for you? Since the part of my body that I adore the most -though I had my glasses since Junior High *sigh*- would be my eyes, I can answered that question by saying : Sight. For me, eyes is a multifunctional organ that can make… Continue reading The Five Senses